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The gateway to cryptocurrencies and THUNDERCORE

What is ThunderCore?


ThunderCore public chain sets up distributed data storage space, network transmission environment, transaction and computing channel for thousands of block chain applications DAPP, ensures network security through encryption algorithm, and realizes normal operation of node network through consensus mechanism and incentive mechanism

ThunderCore is a leading Decentralized PoS Public Chain Platform. It is committed to the realization of blockchain technology, achieving true value and ease of use

ThunderCore public chain is a Blockchain infrastructure technology. It will support the blockchain large-scale commercial engineering-level applications

ThunderCore provides API interfaces for developers to call to develop applications that conform to the public chain ecology

The public chain represented by ThunderCore is the cornerstone of building a trusted value interconnected body for human society

ThunderCore core technology advantages

ThunderCore core technology advantages


1 second confirmation transaction
12000 + TPS


Fully compatible with all Ethereum smart contracts and tools, it can migrate DAPP code to TT chain in a few seconds

High scalability

Strong scalability, zero failure Low GAS fees and low operating costs


Consensus algorithm security Proven mathematically

ThunderCore native token – TT

ThunderCore native token TT

Currently Listed on HUOBI, UPBIT, and other Global Leading Exchange

Broad community base and consensus in major blockchain countries and regions such as the United States, South Korea, and China

TT public chain version 1.0 open source technologies will be fully upgraded to version 2.0

Will be listed on leading exchanges such as ExRank and more than 50 first- and second-tier exchanges

Target to become a mainstream decentralized digital currency with a market value of 10 billion